Guide to buy Best nanny cameras with audio


Although there had been a diverse advancement in the world of technology, the world still is facing the crisis of dealing with ever high crime rate. There had been many techniques and strategies introduced for keeping the residential and commercial buildings safe and they too have helped decrease the crime rates in the areas where they have been implemented, but the use of the technological tricks to keep burglars out is still necessary. There are a lot of ways in which you can secure your house and provide safety for the people and the possessions inside the house, however, the cameras for security have always inspired people a lot.

Owing to the diverse range of the cameras available and due to the fact that they are easy to install and even easier to operate and maintain, the trend of installation of cameras is increasing day by day. The sole purposes for the installation of these cameras in the commercial and residential buildings could be bulletined as follows.


  • Keeping an eye on the burglars
  • Keeping an eye on the kids
  • Checking the activities of house help
  • Checking the activities of nannies
  • Keeping a check on your pets
  • Keeping an eye on elderly people in house
  • Keeping an eye on activities of the employees in office
  • In the commercial buildings for keeping check on all the activities


So on and so forth. There is no end to the possibilities where you can put these cameras and use them for security and safety purposes. The use of these cameras is effective equally in the commercial and residential buildings.


What is a nanny camera?

A nanny camera is another security camera with the sole purpose of keep check at the nannies coming home to take care of the kids in your absence, which is why they have been named so. However, the use of these cameras can vary depending upon the need of the consumer. Most of the times the nanny cameras used are kept hidden so either they are disguised in some other regular object or on some special spots or at other times they are visible to the eyes too.

If you too are planning to get a nanny cam for your home and you want to know the best options available out there then the list of the best nanny camera with audio that follows is going to be helpful to you.


1:Hawk Cam Pro Home Security Camera Wireless, Nanny Cam with Audio


So the first one on our list is this little wonder that is not very big in size but can perform very well and on large scale. You can easily put it on some random shelf or hid it behind some regular object so that it cannot be noticed. It is just perfect to keep a check on others in your home and in your office. Let us have a look at its salient features.



  • It helps you watch multiple camera outputs at the same time live on your phone or tablets or PCs.
  • It is motion activated so you get alerts on slightest movement around the camera.
  • The camera has the audio feature as well so that you get communicate with the nanny or any other person on the scene where the camera has been installed.
  • The camera has the Wi-Fi feature as well so that you can communicate and control the camera easily with the help of your phone anywhere anytime.
  • Designed by the Special Forces officials and the Intel officials keeping in mind all the threats and concerns to be taken into account.
  • Takes only five minutes for the set up.
  • Comes with the lifetime warranty.



  • Highly efficient with a lot of features
  • Comes with easy 5 minutes installation set up and then you can hear it live


  • Viewing the outputs from multiple camera can be challenging.



2:Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera Motion Activated Video Recording Remote Control Security Camera Nanny Cam



Wondering if there is any such security nanny camera that you can control with the help of a remote control? Then here we are to tell you about this amazing Little Add hidden security camera that has a lot of feature along with being remote control operated. This camera has many other amazing features that we are going to discuss here.



  • This camera looks more like a smoke detector so it is not very easy for the one you want to keep a check upon to guess
  • This camera can be easy installed into the wall or ceiling with the help of a few screws so installation is a piece of cake
  • Provides continuous video recording and can take photos as well so it is perfect for the security and surveillance
  • Since it has motion detection feature, with every motion the camera is triggered to capture video
  • The remote control can be used from a distance of 15 meters
  • Provides 10 hours of continuous video recording
  • You can save the video with the help of the micro SD card


  • Records video and takes pictures all at once


  • Does not feature Wi-Fi
  • Does not have night vision


3:Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera Night Vision Motion Activated Home Security Camera Nanny Cam


This is the camera that comes from the house of Conbrov, a name trusted by thousands of the houses to provide security and surveillance to them. Since 2005 they have been making the items that help increase the security of your house as well as provide comfort to the home owners. Let us have a look at the salient features of this camera.



  • This is a highly concealed and highly trusted camera as it is disguised in a photo frame. Even if you hold the frame closer to take a look at the picture in the frame, you will still be unable to find the lens as it has been so perfectly concealed so that no one finds out they are being watched
  • Being perfectly hidden, it makes the best nanny camera
  • The camera is able to record the crisp clear videos even in pitch dark due to its night vision feature
  • Features motion detection
  • Has an ultra-long battery life of staying in a standby mode for about 2 years
  • Comes with warranty
  • Provides two way audio


  • Perfectly hidden nanny cam


  • None reported so far by the consumers


4:Littleadd Hidden Camera Alarm Clock 1080P Full HD Spy Camera Motion Detection Activated Loop Video Recording Remote Control Security Camera Nanny Cam


If you are looking forward to purchase a nanny camera that can give you a lot of things in one box, then this camera is going to be the most perfect answer for you as it comes with so many things in one box that it amazes you. Here we will briefly discuss these in the following feature points.



  • The most amazing thing about this camera is that it can be used as a baby monitor, a nanny camera, a spy camera and a security camera, the usage solely depends upon your need
  • Supports two modes of video recording. One is the continuous footage based video recording and second one is the motion triggered video recording
  • This camera has a time stamp as well so it can be used as an alarm clock, a time piece or a webcam easily
  • Provides 8 hours of continuous recording once you have completely charged it
  • You can save the videos in the micro SD card
  • Provides loop recording as well


  • Comes with the remote control feature


  • Does not support Wi-Fi



5:NexGadget Security Mini IP Camera, Baby Monitor Home Surveillance System, Wireless Security Camera and Nanny Cam



With the help of this camera, you can now say good bye to the traditional, old and complex methods of video recording and say hello to a new and rather modern approach. This camera suits best for your home, office, any place where you want to record and you do not wish to exit the loop recording.



  • All you have to do in order to start the loop recording with the help of this camera is to download the app for your smart device and start getting the video on it
  • The app can be found both on the android and iPhone easily so no one stays deprived of its use
  • Provides 720P recording which is crystal clear
  • Has the feature of one way audio as well
  • Comes with the motion detection feature as well
  • Live feed video can be viewed by multiple viewers simultaneously
  • Monitors all the area effectively


  • Free return and a warranty to change within 60 days, comes with full technical assistance


  • Non HD video recording
  • Only day time video recording

These are the top nanny cameras that you can easily find and buy from We hope it adds safety to your house.


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