Best night vision security camera review

Residential as well as commercial security systems have now become important because of the increased amount of crimes these days. The cameras you install for your protection provide you with recorded or live footages within your property. Due to this existence of security cameras, a lot of criminal activities are taken care of and business, as well as homes, are protected from robbery, crimes, theft, murders etc. this is the major reason why people are in need of security cameras to protect their business and family. To get a hold of the best night vision security camera review just keep on reading this article.


1:NIYPS Spy Portable Hidden Camera for Security



The NIYPS hidden camera has an extremely mini body. The video recorder (hidden) used is about 0.87 inches and 0.7oz cube is actually the smallest easily carried pocket-sized camera in the world. It is absolutely perfect for house security or a housekeeper or any nanny camera for taping snapshots as well as images and videos and that also without attracting the attention of your surroundings. The NIYPS best night vision security camera review also gives you the advantage to using it as a car camcorder or as an action camera.


  • This mini hidden camera can records videos in extraordinary pixels of 1920 x 1080p HD with given per second of 30 frames. 4 pieces of IR led lights that enhances night vision with a crystal clear display despite the low lights.
  • The NIYPS can handle up to 32GB storage card and a built-in 240mAh battery. When the battery is fully charged can be used for about 50 minutes but it only record videos when any movement is detected and this feature makes the spy camera the easiest one to save storage and can be used for a much longer time compared to other mini cameras.
  • The camera’s body can handle up to a T-flash card with a minimum storage of 4GB and a maximum up to 32GB capacity (without including the T-Flash card) for the recording of videos in a loop. It also has this tendency to overwrite the oldest of videos in case the TF card in exhaustive so that the latest recordings are not missed. This mini spy camera also supports the charging and recording of videos at the same time and so leaves you stress-free about the battery.
  • The slot when filled with a TF card, you can then place the camera in any hidden location of homes, offices, gardens, warehouse, inside your pocket or even on your collar attached with a clip.


2:xmartO HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera



The WIFI surveillance camera provides remarkable results with 2 million pixels of 1920 x 1080p comprehensible videos irrelevant of time whether it be day or night. All camera is supplied with the invisible night vision which enables you to see any object up to 80 feet in absolute darkness. The cameras are congenial, each given camera equips an audio port that allows you to attach an additional microphone to listen and record voice and this best night vision security camera review provides you with this feature without the need of an attached power cable. The cameras are also certified for weather resistance so are able to work both indoor and outdoor.


  • The wireless system is a complete dependent WIFI surveillance camera system and has its own built-in WIFI router. This indicates that it is a complete standalone system specially designed for long-range connections and trouble-free to your indoor home network. The NVR is provided with the high working with efficiency, allows you to even multiply the recording instance at the same video quality. 2TB HDD that is pre-installed offers you total 8 cameras that record 24/7 unceasingly for a month.
  • The system auto connects to the WIFI router the moment you switch the power on and when attached to the screen it immediately gives you the view of all 8 cameras. It is just a plug and enjoys trouble-free work.
  • The wireless system operates with or even without your home WIFI network because of its built-in WIFI system and this helps you in saving your bandwidth to a great extent.
  • Using Xmarto wireless system, viewing the camera and recorded videos on mobile devices is extremely easy. You just need to download the free app ‘xmarto wall pixel’ and then scan your Cloud ID and then you are ready to go. By the given free app you can also watch the live camera, watch the previous recordings, get the notifications, take snaps or videos and even share them through any source.


3:Zmodo Wireless Audio Smart Security Camera



With a wide angle of 115 degrees 720 pixels HD provides you with the crystal clear captures in the day as well as night. This best night vision security camera review offers you the control of the sensitivity adjustment of night vision to automatic night vision that can see approximately up to 26ft in pure darkness.


  • A two-way audio system with high quality when microphone and speaker are used. It reduces the noisy background and provides better audio results. An anti-noise filter is built-in the system that automatically allows you to talk to your loved one wherever you might be.
  • Whenever a motion is detected a short video recording and an alert message is sent to you. The customizing option is also required for you so that you can set your own time about when you are willing to receive the alert message.
  • A 24/7 unending recording with its cloud services and you can also offer to customize, make videos or clips or even download pictures at any time of your choice. The motion detected recordings are stored on the cloud for about 36 hours just with no cost. The cloud also helps you by reducing most of the false alerts.
  • The camera’s base is 180 degrees rotatable. Zmodo also has a 3-year warranty, a return policy of 60 days and a tech support \u\s based for a lifetime.

4:ZOSI megapixel Outdoor Security Camera System



The wireless surveillance system is definitely the easiest one when it comes to set up. Without any video wiring, DIY build-in is available. Every minor detail is recorded and this best night vision security camera review provides you more vivid activities. Most of the wireless cameras are not so suitable due to the easy wireless setup they are unable to provide better quality than wired cameras, but this camera gives you the best resolution without any blurry vision.


  • Get an absolutely clean, clear and close image with its high definition quality that makes your footages and recordings that are crystal clear. Regardless of day and night, the recordings are never blurry or unclear.
  • The fast trigger with the speed of 0.3 seconds with 3 incredible passive sensors attached within that is able to catch every single movement if detected in a very precise image.
  • It is made up for 75ft to 22m detecting range. No movement is missed even when the camera is recording in the dark night. The 120-degree lens provides you with the best capture possible.
  • With the IP56 is waterproof also dustproof protects your camera from any physical damage that might be from dust, drops of water, heat, cold and every tough atmosphere. The base with a mounting plate makes it easier to install it.
  • It is ready to work the camera, no need for complicated setups. Just power the system with 8 x 1.5 voltage with AA batteries. A 2-year warranty.


5:Zmodo (4 pack) Outdoor WI-FI Camera with Night Vision



Zmodo outdoor WIFI camera is well going with Echo Show for the purpose of voice control. If your device version is upgraded so the interaction with Alexa (another device separately sold) will enhance Zmodo the best night vision security camera review provided.


  • It is a weatherproof camera that can work perfectly whether stored indoor or outdoor. It has a wide temperature range of -10C to 50C. You can have our house protected despite any weather change.
  • The videos can be streamed remotely by mobile if the Zmodo application for the iOS and android system is downloaded or even online sites are available anytime and anywhere. You will receive an alert message on your mobile device when any motion is detected. If any clip is missed you are also given an option to watch the missed videos and playback the recorded once. Improved detectors are available if you want to set a zone on an area that you care about.
  • The night vision results are crystal clear and are automatically shifted to black and white mood during nights also ensures that the view is not distorted. Sensitivity adjustment is available in night vision. The videos and images can be shared through the device using the app.
  • The cloud services for Zmodo are free for a month for all users. False alerts are reduced; you can also analyze, save and share the images any time.

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