Best Light Bulb Camera Review 2018

Security is one of the major concerns of the present time where people want the safety and security of their homes and their offices as a priority for them. The people like to find the simple, easy, effective yet economical solutions for their home and office security. With so many emerging technologies and the brilliant minds, we see a new mode of security and safety being introduced every other day to make things easier for the people. The security cameras are one popular and very effective mean for providing safety and surveillance to a specific area or place. Today you can see these cameras being installed in the homes, offices, airports, markets and every public place just to make sure that any criminal activity going on in the area is being well recorded.

No one could ever imagine just a decade back that the light bulb cameras are going to provide such good solutions for the problem of security. Although initially these light bulb cameras were introduced just to use them as hidden cameras for spying purposes but with the passage of time these cameras got so popular that they began to sell like hot cakes in the camera shops. Today many of the homes and offices are making used of these best light bulb camera to provide security solutions.

The reason behind the popularity of these cameras is the mainly because they are dual purpose, they can provide you with the light as well as keep on recording the scene. Plus, every home has a place for the light bulb in every room so it is not hard to install this camera at all. All you have to do is to find a socket for the bulb and put it in it. The camera will start working silently without anyone noticing what’s going on.

Once you have installed this camera and you have got the steady connection for it with the Wi-Fi, you can easily view whatever it is recording from any remote location. These cameras are usually 360 degree rotational so you can get the video output from any part and use these cameras as nanny camera or the security camera for general purposes at home.

The light bulb cameras have proved very useful at the places where the people have to be kept unaware of the recording being done. For this purpose the best light bulb camera is usually placed right above the room or on the wall from where the whole scene could be captured so that no details is lost or missed.
Thanks to the world of technological advancement that today there are so many different kind of cameras available even in the disguise that it becomes hard for you to decide which one you want the most but of course there is no alternative to the usability and functionality of the light bulb camera for both commercial and residential purposes.

1080P Hidden Camera Wireless LED Bulb Security Wifi Panoramic 360° Degree Fisheye Lens Cameras Lights Bulb Surveillance System with Remote View Motion Detection for Android IOS APP

Now we are going to provide you with the review of the best light bulb camera that we have found on the internet so far. This camera comes from the company named as Borme and the camera can easily be found on so if you wish to purchase it you can get it online just by placing an order for it.


Here let us have a look at the salient features of this camera and understand it well so that if you make up your mind to purchase it, you know it well already.

  • 360 degrees wide angle view
    This camera is in the form of a light bulb that has a fish eye lens that helps capture the view fully so that you get to know what it is all about. Also the camera is 360 degree wide so it provides a wide angle that can provide you with all the detail of the room where it has been installed, making sure that no part of the room is kept unseen and you do not miss a single event going on. The camera also provides different monitoring scenarios as well so that you get the results according to the way you want to see them and you can have a look at the different scenes all at the same time too.
  • Night vision
    If you want a security camera, you sure do not want it to go blank as the night sets in, rather the chances for some unfavorable activity are more pronounced in the night hours. Therefore you would be glad to know that this best light bulb camera is equipped with the night vision function as well. The night vision of the camera provides you with the facility to look at the scene with the use of the infrared light and look up to 16 feet longer views.
  • Motion detection
    When you are not around the house and you wish to keep an eye on all the happenings over there, you need this amazing light bulb camera. But what about monitoring? You just can’t hold your device to see the results from the camera and keep thinking what is going to happen next. Well the problem in this case is solved as well since the camera is equipped with the motion detection feature as well so that whenever there is slight motion around the camera, it sends an alert to you and you can easily monitor the activity. This way the camera can function as follows.
  • As a nanny camera
  • For business monitoring
  • For vacation monitoring of house and pets
  • For remote video streaming
  • For general security and safety monitoring of the house
  • Easy to set up
    This camera is a very versatile camera but you will find that its installation in not a very difficult job since the camera is very easy to set up and to play. Once you have settled the camera where you wish it to work, all you got to do next is to connect it to some Wi-Fi system. This will connect the camera to the home network and further you can install the app for the iOS or android device and start its functioning this soon. So you see, this light bulb camera simply is the best light bulb camera around. This camera is a simple plug and play camera that does not require any setting up of the ip and the router, just a few clicks and touches and the camera is online to work.
  • Multi operational camera
    The most amazing thing about these light bulb cameras is that they are multi operational which means that the use of these cameras is not limited to a single purpose, rather they can be used both ways. First it can serve as the best light bulb camera, on the other hand the bulb gives light just like an ordinary bulb does. This makes it least suspicious too as no one would ever wonder if the light bulb hanging on their heads is recording their motion and their actions. So there is no need to worry about anything with this camera serving as a security parameter for your home.
  • High resolution output video
    When we look at the specs of the camera, we find that this camera has the ability to record and playback the recorded videos in high resolution that is 1080p. So if there is something suspicious about the activity at your home, you can see that the camera will display the recorded video in a very high quality picture that won’t let you miss anything at all. The advantage of these high resolution images is that they give you benefit of use as well. Also if there had been some memorable events and moments recorded in the video of this best light bulb camera of our kids or pets that you had missed otherwise, you can save them by retrieving the videos from the TF memory card of the camera. this way your moments are saved in the best high quality images and if there is nothing worth saving for you in the recordings, then you can simple delete the files and free the space up for the new videos.


  • The camera is highly efficient and provides high definition videos
  • Rich in features such as motion detection and night vision etc.


  • The camera does not work without power


To conclude, we would like to day that getting the best light bulb camera in less than $50 is something that would be like a dream come true for those who are looking forward to secure their homes and provide safety to them. However, you need to check all the needs before you get to purchase this camera. we hope you find it amazing and helpful for the home security.

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