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The surveillance cameras or the security cameras are one of the most trending and demanding gadget in the market when it comes to increase the security of some specific property. These cameras are being used equally in the residential and commercial sectors and are successfully helping people make their home secure and safe. You can get these cameras easily from any of the home security store near you and get your place safe in just no time.


Before you get your hands laid on the camera, you must make sure that you have gone through all the important features of it that you desire it to have and then start with the process of purchase. To make things easier for you, here we are providing a brief overview of the features to check for the camera for your home security and then we will provide a review of a perfect camera for home security as well.


The features of the security camera that you need to check when you are out to make a purchase of a home security camera from a home security store have been discussed as follows. When you keep all these features in mind while you are selecting the camera that you like the most, you will find that the application of the camera will become more effective and you will get even better results out of it. Since at a store where you can find the items regarding home security, you will find a big number of camera, with different make and model and different specs. So let us briefly discuss the features so that you know what you need.


  • Live or remote monitoring feature

With the help of this feature you can check the security and status of your home anytime anywhere from any part of the world. All you need is to stay connected to some wireless network and the camera will keep sending the video to your smart device or your phone all the time. This way you are never far away from your home no matter how far you physically are.


  • Motion alerts or activity alerts

The camera should be able to push the alerts or messages or emails to your smart device as soon as it observes any irregular activity. This feature is also very helpful as it makes you aware of all the events taking place on the other side of the camera. This gives you a chance to take action in case some undesired event is taking place at your home and you want to put a stop to it.


  • Cloud storage

If the camera is offering you free or paid cloud storage as well, then it could be a worth buying one as this amazing feature enables you to make use of the cloud services instead of cleaning and changing the memory storage every other day. With the help of cloud services feature you can upload the videos to the cloud and store it there for long. When you upload your videos to the cloud, you are free from the worries of getting your videos tampered or accessed as they are safe there.


  • Panning and zooming feature

Not all the cameras have the feature of panning and zooming in them, but those that are equipped with these features are one of the most wanted ones in the list of the favorite cameras. This feature allows the person on the other end of the camera to pan, tilt and zoom the output from the camera with the help of the browser or the camera application that has been installed to their phones. You can always ask the staff of the home security store to show you the features that you want to have in your camera.


  • Two way communication

Most of the cameras that you will come across with when you are at the searching for the best camera for your home from the home security store, do not have two way communication option in home as this feature is not very much required at the public places etc. so you must ask for this feature if you feel the need of it. With the help of two way communication you are able to talk to the other people on the other side of the camera, be it your kids, pets, parents or the babysitter. In this feature the camera has a speaker and a microphone in it all at the same time so that the two way communication is possible and easy.


  • Tamper alerts

This is a very important feature of the security cameras that allows you to get a notification alert from the camera if someone tries to tamper it. This gives you the satisfaction that the camera is working fine and the results you are getting from the recording are perfectly real. There are cameras that allow you to put some passwords for the administrative tasks as well, making sure that your camera remains safe and secure all the time.


  • Night vision

Another amazing feature that these home security cameras from the home security store offer is the night vision one. This feature allows you to look at the view in the pitch dark of the night and get some good results out of it as well. For this the camera is equipped with the infrared LEDs that help the camera to look at the things even when there is zero light. This gives you a satisfaction that you can get the real time video all the time from the camera.

Now that we know what the most perfect camera for the home security looks like, we are now in a position to take a look at the few best home security camera available at the and any home security store near us.


1: Nest Cam indoor security camera



This camera has the rating of five stars on the and is ranked as one of the best cameras available for home security. This is the indoor camera that has everything already installed in it and it does not require any additional hubs etc. to be added to it. Everything in this camera is controlled with the help of the app that runs either on your smart phone or some other smart device.



  • Does not require any additional features to be added to it
  • Comes in the pack of single as well as multiple cameras


  • To be used only in the indoors


2: Piper NV smart home security system



This is not just a camera rather a complete system that is used to increase the home security. This camera provides a panoramic view of the area where it has been installed so it can provide a 180 degrees rotation as well. The camera features night vision as well so you can enjoy the perks of a good video for the whole day and night and do not miss any detail from the recording.


If you are using the remote footage from the camera, the camera enables you to pan, tilt and zoom with the help of the application as well. The camera also has the motion detection feature that makes it send an alert to the user in case it observes some motion or irregular activity in the scene. You can pick the option from the email, text messages or any other alert type that you want to have as the system allows you to configure it accordingly. You can make use of the two way communication when you are using this home security system and can send instructions to the people on the other side of the camera easily. In short this amazing system is a complete security system that fulfills all the features of the best home security cameras that we have previously discussed. So if you are looking forward to purchase it, it won’t be a wrong decision at all.



  • A complete home security system in the box
  • Provides all the necessary features for the best camera


  • Could be a little expensive compared to others


3: Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System



This is another wireless camera system that has so many features to offer that it becomes hard to choose something other than it when you are out at your home security store. This camera offers its connectivity with Alexa, is highly weather proof, is equipped with night vision and motion detection features and has every other feature that we have just gone through in the list above.


  • Available in a pack of four to secure the whole house
  • A complete security protection system



  • Not any found yet



So whenever you are out to check the best security camera for your home and office, make sure that you have gone through the list of features that you need to have in your camera and then make your pick.


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