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Security is very important either it is home security or office security. Keep yourself and your family safe from theft and other crimes should be your first priority. Parents have recently taken interest in buying spy cameras as they are useful for protecting babies and keeping an eye on the maids. Given below are 5 best buy outdoor camera that you might be looking for to protect your baby from their babysitter, owners to keep an eye on their employees, and police to get a hold of the criminals.


1:XJW 360 Degree HD WI-FI LED Bulb Spy Camera


  • This camera has a super wide angle of view with 360 degrees lens of the panoramic view. You can view the footages on your mobile phone from 5 different viewing angles. You are able to monitor every corner of the house and office through your Android mobile phone or iPhones.


  • The function of motion detection is integrated with illuminations of LED which has the lifetime of 50000 hours. The light surveillance equipment for recording videos will launch an alert on your Android or mobile device when any movement is detected.


  • Make your home and place safer for your employees to live in with this best buy outdoor camera that automatically covers you’re expired filed containing videos.


  • It is extremely easy to maintain the monitoring. As the camera is a two-way camera, just press the on button and you are allowed to follow the instructions given to you in audio. In 5 minutes you will be aware of all the procedure of setup step to step.


  • XJW is a wireless camera which completes its wireless connection with a WI-FI router. You can conveniently communicate with your friends and family through your apple app or an Android app.



  • Latest server technology for streaming is used to make your ID safer from hacking or jamming.
  • This server also makes your internet connection to work more fluently which makes your videos and images more clear and fast.
  • The maximum SD card support for recording this camera provides is 64G.
  • It has 3D view experience and very easy operating system. The 360 degrees wide angle is equal to around 5 usual cameras.


2:LFHIN WI-FI HD Light Bulb Night Vision Camera


  • The wireless connectivity this camera supports is extremely fast and easy to set up, from its app you can get guidance step by step in every aspect from the 360 wide eyes app.


  • You are given remote access from the bulb camera on your Smartphone through your WI-FI or 4G mobile networks. This device only supports 4G, not 5G.


  • It has a wide viewing angle of 360 degrees with the perfect high resolution of 1080P which leaves no blind spots. This camera also supports HD Loop recording and communication of Real Time which allows you to easily communicate with your family and friends while you work in your office.


  • You can never keep an eye on your house or office 24/7 so when you are away from your place with this camera you can keep track of all the happenings. You will receive alerts on your mobile phone from the camera, in case any movement is detected with the motion detection function.


  • You can conveniently check all the expired videos what are stored on the camera’s TF card. The camera will act as your eyes and monitor all the details for you.


  • The night vision comes around 16-feet by which you can live stream 24/7 without worrying about bad picture quality.



  • Regardless of how dark it is, this best buy outdoor camera with night vision and HD display will show you crystal clear images and footages with 1080P resolution.
  • The app of 360 eyes provides you complete guidance of the device and setup which is extremely easy.
  • The wide viewing angle provides clear and high-quality images and footages.


3:Jesam LED Bulb Night Vision Security Camera


  • This camera has a wide angle for viewing from 180 to 360 degrees. The 2018 version which is upgraded and has 360 degrees horizontal and 360 degrees vertical viewing angle without any blind spots left to cover.


  • It has the rotatable lens of 180 degrees, fish-eye 1080P HD lens and length cover that is expendable which covers every corner of your office and home and stores it in the SD card.


  • This best buy outdoor camera has different 5 types of viewing angles. It allows you finger-control by which you can zoom in to see any detail. It also has an adjusted illuminated bulb by your phone controls.


  • The 2 in 1 feature lets you on or off the LED light by your phone app while using the camera simultaneously. You can clearly see anyone’s face or numbers by the perfect high definition and viewing angle.


  • The motion detection and night vision are the best features of Jesam camera. In case any movement is detected by the camera, you will automatically receive an alert from the camera app about the movement.


  • This nanny camera might be small but provides complete live streaming with high-quality.



  • Regardless of how long you use both the light bulb and the camera feature together, it won’t be stuck or provide bad quality.
  • Widely reliable for both outdoor and indoor use. You are able to listen, as well as talk, with this camera even if its pitch black darkness at night. It has very good night experience that is possible with 20-feet night vision.
  • As you are away from home for shopping or office work, you can easily monitor your workers, pets, and children so they don’t harm anything or anyone.


4:Eoqo WI-FI Hidden Light Bulb Spy Camera


  • Eoqo provides you with multiple views and 360 wide vision. The panoramic lens is of 360 degrees and types of views are 5 on your mobile phone you are able to keep track of every corner.


  • Loop recording and motion detection features are ultimate as they are what help you the most with being aware of your surroundings while you are away. As soon as any motion is detected, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone or Android device.


  • It also clears and overwrites over your oldest videos with the newest ones and takes care of the expired videos.


  • This light bulb camera is extremely reliable for both indoor as well as outdoor use, you might be willing to buy a useful surveillance camera that helps you with both saving up some money for other purposes and allowing you to secure your house. This camera is your best choice.


  • You can contact the company if you have any problem with the setup procedure or installment. Lifetime Warranty is provided by the company along the technical support.


  • This camera provides an extremely clear resolution of both picture and videos regardless of how long you decide to work it.


  • You can use both the bulb for lightning as well as spying on your home and office. In case you don’t feel satisfied with the device or Panoramic Bulb then you can contact the company and get the refund.



  • The step by step guide for installation is such a big pro of this camera.
  • HD display of 1920*1080P makes this the best buy outdoor camera.
  • Customer satisfaction is indeed the priority as the 30-day unconditional refund is also given.


5:Aibole Home Security Camera with Audio


  • The best night vision camera features. The video resolution it provides is around 1280*960P and range of night vision are 25-feet. It allows you to see pictures and videos in stunning quality with sharper details.


  • This camera protects your place with its HD WI-FI feature both day and night under strict surveillance.


  • In case of any motion, Aibole camera will detect the movement and send a message alert on your Android of mobile device automatically as you have activated the Motion Detection feature.


  • This camera also comes with a two-way feature of talking you are allowed to freely talk with families, pets, and kids through the wireless and clear bulb camera.


  • It has an extremely wide viewing angle of 360 degrees and has the 960P resolution that makes it have no flaws and leaves no blind spots behind.


  • It is highly applicable for different security scenarios and it also supports 5 different types of viewing modes along with loop recording.


  • Not all wireless bulb cameras have strong connectivity and often get chained down by burglars and thieves, but worry not as this camera comes with good WI-FI connectivity and it does not fall in fall in traps easily.



  • You can easily install this camera directly on your house ceiling without any further installment or extra wiring as it is wireless.
  • It provides extra space for an SD card of around 128 GB capacities.
  • The pro that makes this the best buy outdoor camera is its incredibly high resolution that shows you crystal clear images and videos regardless of how long you decides to keep it on recording or motion detection mode.


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